Bayer Samuel 
Members of family:
Personal data:
age: unknown present: unknown
marital status: unknown familial status: unknown
children: unknown sex: male
sons: ?    
daughters: ? ordinal number: ?
wife`s name: unknown    
the amount of contribution: ? owns imperialpermission? unknown
from when does he(she) live? ? owns habitants rights? unknown
livelihoods: unknown
Wedding consensus:
village: Kasejovice (PJ) manor: Lnáře (ST)
country: unknown when awarded? 1783
Note: -
Topographical and registration information:
region: Prácheňský current district: Strakonice
the administrative unit: Lnáře a Slatina type of administrative unit: farm
the smaller admin. unit: - the type of the smaller admin. unit: unknown
house number: ?    
Include the protection of:
village: unknown    
manor: unknown    
country: unknown    
came from: left where:
village: unknown village: unknown
manor: unknown manor: unknown
country: unknown country: unknown
The inventory drawn up: unknown
Ownership and other details:
property: unknown    
way property: unknown type of property: unknown
Note: -
Record from year: 1799
















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